Welcome to the Show

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my new blog about computers and technology. I will be your host, John Paul Wohlscheid.

This blog came about because I wanted to try creating a Hugo-powered blog. Since I love goofing around with computers, I decided to make that the topic of the Hugo blog.


Now, to give you some of my background with computers. My earliest recollection of a computer was a text-based system. (I don’t know what the operating system was.) One of the first computers that I played games on ran Windows 3.1. Heck, I remember when my system got updated to Windows 95. That was a big day.

In college, I was introduced to the world of open-source computing, including Linux and Firefox. (I’ve got an official Ubuntu 7.04 install disk lying around somewhere.) Nowadays, I run Manjaro Linux on three computers and tinker with new open-source software, as far as my hardware will allow.

What’s To Come?

This blog will cover my thoughts on computers, software, and technology. I’ve got a lot of thoughts and ideas, but not much time to write them up. We’ll see how it goes.

Please note

This blog is a work in progress. Things will change and features will appear without warning as I become more familiar with Hugo. :laughing: Enjoy the ride.

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John Paul Wohlscheid
John Paul is a geek who likes to play with Linux and read about the early history of personal computing.